About Nifflr


Nifflr is easy to setup, just pick your operating system below.

iOS and Android are in development...

Follow progress?

For each charity that has earned over 100$ by the 1st and 15th of each month, we donate the account balance to that charity. We send out updates on how much was donated, and to whom.

What percent of my contribution goes to charity?

100% of your PC's contribution goes to charity - full stop.

Nifflr has no overhead, no marketing, and no fundraising costs. We don't host events or have employees. Compute and other operational costs are paid for by the team as a part of the Compute for Good ethos. Since we have no costs, we can ensure that your full contribution is donated.

How Much can I expect to earn?

Typical laptops can expect to earn $0.01 - $0.05 per 24 hours of compute, desktops around $0.15-$0.30. This is due to Nifflr not wanting to tax your computer's battery, and that desktop processors are typically more powerful than their laptop counterparts. 

If you open the Nifflr UI, you'll see a real-time calculation of how much your device is earning. Every little bit helps!

Will this affect my battery life?

Don't worry, Nifflr runs only when your computer's battery is over 90%, or the device is plugged in. When you're on the go or low on battery, we'll just wait patiently. :) 

Is Nifflr Tax Deductible?

Nifflr is not tax deductible at this time.

About Me

I'm a computer engineer interested in creative end-to-end engineering challenges with the potential for positive societal impact.

I was at Microsoft for 2 years before leaving to start my own company. Nifflr is now my side-project.