Nifflr Begins!

Hi! Welcome to Nifflr.

I started working on the Nifflr project after hurricane Harvey and the wildfires in the Northwest. There was always an the thought floating around in the back of my head that most people's computers aren't really doing very much most of the time. Wouldn't it be cool if we could put all that capacity to work? Yes, but the economics of the situation dictate that you can't really make that profitable, or worth your time, in most cases.

The switch flipped when thinking about charitable contributions. If you had a little daemon running in the background generating money for charity, you wouldn't care if it just makes pennies per day. And as long as it doesn't bother me, why not leave it running?

Here's my goal: 1,000,000 computers running Nifflr. If 1,000,000 computers ran Nifflr, generating just one penny per day, every day, we would generate $3,650,000 for charity per year. Now wouldn't that be cool. 

Let's make it happen. To date, Nifflr is running on 4 computers with a total of $5 generated during development, making less than $0.50 per day. So, download Nifflr at home, at work, and tell your friends to do the same. 

Every two weeks on the 1st and 15th of each month, I'll update this blog with revenue and donation results.

All the best, and thank you for supporting Nifflr.