Windows Install


1. Download setup - just click on the Windows logo

Windows Download.PNG

2. Open the NifflrSetup.exe, if there is a warning from Windows, it's due to the newness of the app. Click "More Info", then "Run Anyways".

Windows Run.PNG


3. Click 'Install' when prompted


4. Congratulations, you've installed Nifflr! Now we can start making the world just a little bit better. 

Don't worry about exiting, Nifflr lives in your tray.


Want to take it one step further? 

Contribute more compute by delaying when your computer sleeps. This is especially for those of you with desktops.

Go to settings -> power and sleep settings

Delay when your computer sleeps, but only when you're plugged in. This way, you won't affect your battery life. 


Thanks For Your Contribution!